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Home Suite Home, Amherst

... is an elegant Bed & Breakfast within close proximity to the campus of U Mass Amherst while maintaining a quiet and private atmosphere conducive to relaxation and retreat.

Walk three blocks to U Mass campus yet enjoy the peaceful setting by the meadow and stand of trees at the end of the road.
In the midst of many activities on campus or in the community, Home Suite Home is a welcome break in the action.

Come and go as you please. Your private suite is truly your own.


sitting room
Amenities include wireless internet, air conditioning and TV.
Your hosts are responsive to your individual dietary needs.
Breakfasts include locally grown organic food. desk area
The suite is offered at $150 per night for two, add $25 for the third guest.
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bedroom and sitting room
Your Innkeepers are Karin & Randy Wilburn at 57 Berkshire Terrace, Amherst, MA 01002
Contact them by phone at 413-230-3014 or email innkeepers@homesuitehomeamherst.com
Beautiful statue and landscaping in front of garden shed.
Stone steps up to breakfast steps in autumn.

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